If not for a team of dedicated employees and well-wishers, this could not have been possible. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. Vision will move forward our goals together driving towards success.

Mr. Puvikumar

Managing Director

Kavi Group’s growth is fuelled by a core team comprising of the managing director, business heads and advisors. But this level of continued success is a result of more than 500 people working harmoniously and in tandem across all verticals of Kavi Group companies.

Mr. Puvikumar makes it a point to know every employee personally and interacts with them regularly to understand the strengths and weaknesses of everyone so as to arrange on-the-job training for those who lag behind. It’s a proud achievement to say that the employee attrition level is less than 3%, which promotes great team spirit and enhances employee focus.

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